Single Use Negative pRessure dressing for Reduction ISurgical site infection following Emergency laparotomy

An NIHR funded national, multi-centre randomised controlled trial run by the North West Research Collaborative and the West Midlands Research Collaborative.

For full study protocol, study document download and study contact information, or to register interest in setting SUNRRISE up in your centre, see the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit SUNRRISE pages

Summary: This is a national, multi-centre randomised controlled trial which aims to determine whether there is difference in wound infection rates in patients who receive portable single-use negative pressure dressings (SUNPD) compared to standard dressings. Secondary outcomes include whether there is any difference in the length of hospital stay, use of antibiotics, and total length of medical intervention between those patients who did and did not receive the negative pressure dressing, patient acceptability of the dressings, total intervention cost.

Current progress: SUNRRISE is currently open to recruitment at the QE Hospital Birmingham, Royal Bolton NHS FT, Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester and Stepping Hill Hospital Stockport. We are interested in hearing from any UK sites who would like to participate.

Core team: SUNRRISE is a collaboration with the North West Research Collaborative and the West Midlands Research Collaborative. The chief investigators of the study are Richard Wilkin (West Midlands) and Hamish Clouston (North West). The trial management group is:

Ms Rebecca Fish Stepping Hill Hospital; Mrs Kathryn Waite University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation; Trust Mr Peter Coe Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust; Mr Martyn Stott Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust; Mr Yash Sinha University of Birmingham; Ms Hema Sehkar Salford Royal NHS foundation Trust; Mr James Glasbey University of Birmingham; Professor Paula Ghaneh University of Liverpool; Mr Tom Pinkney University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust; Mrs Sarah Duff Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust; Dr Laura Magill University of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit; Mr Samir Mehta University of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit; Mr Tony Coffey Liverpool and North West Surgical Trials Centre; Ms Natalie Ives University of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit; Ms Elizabeth Johnstone (patient representative)

More info: Twitter: @SunrriseRCT | Website | Email:

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