Meeting Minutes

2021 Meetings

Regional Meeting 15th July 2021: click HERE to watch the recorded meeting

Regional Meeting Minutes 15th July 2021

Regional Meeting Webinar 25 February 2021: Click HERE to watch the recorded webinar

Previous Meetings (2013 – 2020)

Committee Meeting Minutes 26th August 2020

Joint Regional Meeting (NWRC and Manchester Medical Society) 11th February 2020

Committee Meeting Minutes 8th January 2020

Regional Meeting Minutes 18th September 2019

Regional Meeting Agenda 22nd November 2017

Regional Meeting Minutes August 2016

Regional Meeting Minutes May 2016

Regional Meeting Minutes November 2015

Regional Meeting 22nd April 2015

Meeting Minutes 11th February 2015

Regional meeting December 2014

Regional Meeting October 2014

Regional Meeting NWRC April 2014

Regional Meeting, 12th March 2014

Regional Meeting 2nd February 2014

Committee Meeting 27th January 2014

Regional Meeting, 9th October 2013

Regional Meeting, 12th August 2013

Regional Meeting, 12th June 2013

Regional Meeting, 17th April 2013

Regional Meeting, 20th February 2013

Regional Meeting, 23rd January 2013

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